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The Wonder                                            of the Nativity

                      Friday, December 7, 2018:  11 am  – 8:00 pm

                    Saturday, December 8, 2018:  11 am – 2:00  pm

          Chestnut Street United Methodist Church is pleased to pres-  marble, ebony, stained glass, Paper Mache, seashells, dish
          ent its fifth annual Nativity exhibit on December 7 and 8.    detergent  bottles,  feathers,  nails,  punched  tin,  ceramics
          This display of 25 – 30 unique Nativity sets is open to the   and blown eggshells. Some sets have been small enough
          public and there is no charge.                         to hold in the palm of your hand and one had 150 pieces.

          The Nativities will be on display in the church sanctuary.    During  the  Friday  evening  candlelight  display,  seasonal
          Individuals from Lumberton and surrounding communities   music will be provided by Belle Venti and Purple Door
          share their collections for this event.  Nativities are unique   Carolers.
          and come with fascinating stories.  Some are passed down
          through families, purchased on trips abroad, purchased one   From  the  humblest  to  the  most  elaborate,  each  Nativity
          piece at a time over many years or handmade by the owner,   separately, and all collected together, remind us of the true
          and each Nativity reflects its own beauty and meaning.  glory of the season. You are invited to come and spend
                                                                 some time in a beautiful setting, reflecting on the Christ-
          Nativities that have been on display have been made from   mas season.
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