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And Proudly They Wave

          By Charles Kemp, Fairmont Commissioner

          We’ve all had that feeling of pride and national unity when   It was with these ideals in mind that I reached out to Mike
          the U.S. flag is displayed in a meeting, special occasion,   Hollingsworth, a friend and Vietnam veteran  who lives
          or a parade. For some the flag brings back the horrors of   at Lake Wacammaw, after seeing the multi flag display he
          wars they fought in, for others it’s a feeling of patriotism   had arrayed in May of 2017 on a street in the community.
          that beats within their heart. But for all Americans it’s the   Mike was gracious to lend us his 30 flags for public display
          knowledge  and  acceptance  that  a  simple  cloth  rectangle   and even came with other friends to install them next to
          of red, white, and blue stands for freedom and its pursuit   the sidewalk in downtown Fairmont near the old post of-
          around the world. This is a feeling Americans have carried   fice. Upon their unveiling there was an immediate cascade
          with them for 242 years and seems to unify us in rough   of verbal support and soon I formed a committee. Choices
          times both nationally and abroad.                      were made, the 30 flags we wanted were ordered, and their
          Page 6                                                 first public display occurred from September 11th through
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