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17th taking into observance Patriots and Citizenship days.
          Many positive comments were received for this display
          by those driving through downtown. They have been dis-
          played during Veterans Day (Nov. 11th), Presidents Day
          (February),  Armed  Forces  and  Memorial  Days  (May),
          July 4th (July) and will begin a second display cycle later
          this month for both Patriots and Citizenship Days.

          Our 30 distinctive flags reach across a broad range of his-
          torical and military symbols in addition to other flags mak-
          ing patriotic statements. We have 10 current U. S. flags, all
          military service flags, the Christian flag, our state flag, and
          several  historic flags from our nation’s past growth and
          glory,  flags representing public service units such as fire,
          E.M.S., and police, and also motto banners of support to
          our military. When placed in the ground and moved by the
          breeze they are quite dramatic and eye catching.

          Special thanks go out to the original flag selection com-
          mittee,  those  who  offered  donations  including  Robeson
          County Commissioner Tom Taylor, Timmy Bass, and to
          the cadets of the FHS JROTC who have helped with the
          set up and removal of the flags several times. Without all
          these the idea for the flags could have “never flown”.

                                DISTRICT COURT JUDGE

                                FAIR    HONEST    EXPERIENCED

                 AS DISTRICT COURT JUDGE, I WILL :           EDUCATION                      HONORS
                                                    • Wake Forest School of Law,  • Appointed to NC State Board of
                 •  Provide citizens with a fair and  JD 1985                       Examiners for Nursing Home
                  equal opportunity to be heard.    • UNC-CH, BA 1981               Administrators, 2018
                 •  Treat all who come into court            EXPERIENCE           • Admitted to Supreme Court of
                                                                                    the United States of America,
                  with dignity and respect.
                                                    • 2014-Present, Senior Asst.    2017
                 •  Seek justice in every case.       District Attorney           • Chairperson Robeson County
                                                    • 1989-2014, Assistant District  Bar Continuing Legal Education
                 •  Bring 29+ years of legal          Attorney                      and Professionalism Committee
                  experience to the bench.          • 1986-1989, Wachovia         • President Robeson County Bar
                                                                                    Association, 2012

                 YOUR VOTE              (910) 802-0016                  CHOOSE

                 YOUR VOICE                  Paid for by the Committee to Elect Vanessa Burton District Court Judge   INTEGRITY!
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